Exercises for the upper back and shoulders.

Chiropractor Plymouth based Kevin Kelly says  “These simple exercises for mid back pain, shoulder and neck pain and stiffness are both effective and simple to do.  They  have been designed to both restore and maintain suppleness in your mid and upper spine.  These exercises take about 30 seconds to do.  Try to do them every hour through the day, ideally wait until you have been up for about an hour in the morning before starting them”.

Our Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic  provides a full comprehensive set of over 2000 exercises and stretches for our clients plus over 1200 video clips.

The exercises image shown below is not full size.  If you wish to download  or print a full size copy


image of Neck, dorsal and shoulder Exercises

Please note the main benefit of doing these exercises is achieved by doing them reularly at specific times throughout the day.  As their purpose is to help prevent your symptoms from returning as well as reducing them.

Kevin says ” The most important part of treatment is without doubt a hands on approach using spinal adjustments, myofascial release and other types of soft tissue therapy such as IASTM (instrument assisted Soft Tissue therapy), however provision of  exercises for mobility and strengthening plus exercise stretches should  also be an important part of every treatment in order to provide the best service and get the superior results.  A multi-factorial approach to treatment is by far the best way to help patients, this is and always will be the basis of our  treatment and rehabilitation program”.


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