Slipped Discs and Leg pain

Sciatica occurs when the nerves at the base of the spine become irritated, this causes an inflammation of the Sciatic nerve and this is termed “Sciatica”.  Every year thousands of patients with leg pain are successfully treated by Image showing Sciatica anatomyChiropractors.  leg pain often occurs in people who have had a history of lower back pain, as their lower back pain gets more unstable irritation to the nerve roots that exit the spine occurs causing sciatica” this can cause pain in your back, buttock and leg.

Spinal discs are made of a very strong fibrous material, containing a soft gel-like ‘cushion’, and are in-between each of your spinal bones (vertebrae). “A slipped disc” is a common term used by both the general public and healthcare professionals, however this term is incorrect, discs cannot slip, because of their attachement to the vertebrae, but the term ‘slipped disc’ is generally used to describe disc damage such as a bulge, a tear or rupture causing adverse movement the gel within the disc causing it to press on a nerve root.

In our clinic we can diagimage showing slipped disc anatomynose exactly what is causing your leg pain, common factors causing are: osteoarthritis, poor posture, overtraining, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyles.  After your examination we will treat the specific cause of your Sciatica accordingly.

Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly DC has a lot of experience treating leg pain and slipped discs, having treated thousands of cases in both his private practice and also for Plymouth NHS.  He was one of the first Chiropractors in the UK to use  Flexion Distraction (Spinal Decompression) method for treating “slipped disc’s” and leg pain.

Experience has shown us that a multi-factorial approach to treatment is the best way of providing long term relief from leg pain and slipped discs is by using a specific treatment program including;  spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, myofascial release, IASTM, and our mobility and core exercise programs.

These clinic images show types of treatment we provide for leg pain and slipped discs

image showing treatments we provide for Sciatica

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