Mechanical Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the most common injury treated at Peverell Chiropractic Clinic.  Low back pain can often be very painful image of the anatomy of mechanical low back pain affecting your lifestyle and requiring time off work.  There are quite a few different types of lower back pain ranging from pelvic problems to mechanical back pain and the more serious slipped discs (disc prolapses).

With a history of episodes of low back pain your spine will gradually become more unstable and the episodes of pain will become more frequent and more severe,  episodes getting progressively worse between the age of 20 – 40.

Spinal manipulation has been used for thousands of years in many cultures for the treatment of back pain, and scientific studies have shown how effective it is, this is one of the reasons it is accepted by all major insurance companies and also why chiropractic treatment is now available in the NHS in ever increasing areas of the United Kingdom.

The sophistication of the Chiropractic diagnostic and manipulative efficiency is well documented and chiropractic’s popularity today is primarily because of it’s effectiveness.  Remember, a back injury similar to the one you have has probably been successfully treated hundreds, possibly thousands of times at our clinic.

Lower back pain is normally due to a combination of factors which gradually injure the spine rather than one single cause. Often the person may be unaware that they even have a problem and a simple movement, perhaps bending to pick an object off the floor, results in a sharp, agonising pain.  Some common causes of lower back pain are incorrect lifting, poor posture, pregnancy, being overweight and using poorly designed desks and chairs.

One of the frequent sources of mechanical back pain are the small joints that connect each vertebra together (called facet joints). There are many nerve endings in these joints and also in the ligaments and muscles attached to the lower back, all of which can be factors causing your pain.

How we can help your injury

Our immediate aim with any injury, especially low back pain, is to reduce the inflammation, as this reduces the pain due to mechanical receptors in the small joints and discs firing off less.  Spinal manipulation and spinal decompression will be used to restore your normal spinal biomechanics and work on the soft tissues and fascia will also be done to reduce your symptoms further.

You will initially be give mobility exercises to improve the mobility in your spine, as your symptoms reduce and you may be given other clinic’s Core Exercise Program, to strengthen your spinal muscles to further support your spine and reduce the likelihood of future injury.


These clinic images show the different treatments provided for lower back pain injuries. image showing  multi-factorial treatment approach for mechanical low back pain.







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