What are the advantages of correct posture?

With good posture you will stand straighter and also look better but the advantages of good posture go further than just your appearance.  In 1930, the White House Conference on Child Health recognized the importance of spinal integrity in the physical development of Children.  Since then doctors have stressed how important good posture is to health, a fact which is part of the basic premise of Chiropractic and other therapies concerned with the musculo-skeletal system, which emphasises the importance of good body mechanics AND STRENGTHING THE SUPPORTING MUSCLES OF THE SPINE WITH CORE EXERCISES.

Having a correct posture enables the body to work more efficiently, allowing proper development of rhythm, balance, timing and coordinated action.

There is an interrelationship between how you stand, sit and walk and how you feel. Your image is affected by your posture which reflects your personality, your confidence, your attitude, your ability and also your health.  Other people can often see if you’re a positive or negative person by your posture, and also a strong or weak, healthy or ill person just by the way you stand and carry yourself.

Some Causes of poor posture?

There are many reasons for poor posture, Normally there are a combination of several reasons that causes a person to have poor posture.  (excluding congenital problems) Among the causes are the following:
1 Visual problems.
2 Emotional problems.
3 Being overweight.
4 Foot problems and/or poor footwork.
5 Muscle imbalance and weak muscles.
6 Poor nutrition.
7 Laziness.
8 Poor support when sleeping ( mattress )
9 Injuries to ligaments, muscles tendons or bones.
10 Negative mental and physical attitudes.
11 Occupational stress and poor working positions.

 Many Postural Faults Can Be Helped

If you have what seems to be a postural problem then you should seek advice from a chiropractor.  Unless there is an anatomical ( structural deformity ) or pathological ( disease-caused ) disturbance, the chances for correction are good.

Correcting tight and inelastic tissues by stretching tightened fascia by using Myofascial Release, Myofascial Correction® Kinesio taping and IASTM, (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation) and relaxing tight muscles with Sports Massage.


image showing different types of treatment to stretch the muscles and fascia

Some of the treatments used to alter fascia and muscles to improve posture.

Stretching exercises will also help to relax tight muscles and tissues which are slowing changes in posture from occurring.

Exercise therapy in our Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic

Stretching exercises demonstrated at our chiropractic clinic in Plymouth, Devon

Out Core exercise program produces excellent results, after a few months of doing the correct core exercises your posture changes……you stand straighter and taller because your muscles are supporting your spine and organs the way they were intended.

Look at the results of our core exercise program the youth in the photos had a very poor posture:

image before and after 6 months of using our clinics core exercise program

The core exercise program designed by Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly will alter your posture.

If poor posture is not corrected, it can affect the health and well-being of the individual.  Poor posture can contribute to shallow breathing: a cramped poorly expanded chest cavity, faulty digestion, poor elimination, and poor venous return, each of these can affect not only the functions of individual organs, but also your whole system. Tiredness, lethargy, absent mindedness and reduced coordination are just a few of the many symptoms of a body that is not functioning efficiently.
A video showing our tried and tested core exercise program:

 Some Benefits Of Correct Posture?

1. Improved health.
2. Improved appearance.
3. Improved coordination.
4. Increased strength.
5. More stamina.
6.Helps in physical and mental development
7. Gives you better body balance and makes you more agile.
8. Reduces injuries.
9. Gives you confidence.
10. Makes your clothes fit better