Myofascial Correction™ is a modern technique which is used to treat the fascial component of injuries.  In recent years the importance of the Fascial system in both human movement and injury has been recognised, by treating the fascial component of injuries we can obtain more effective results with our treatmentsFascial Planes

Myofascial Correction was developed by chiropractor Kevin Kelly and uses instrumented protocols for treating the fascia.  it primarily uses a combination of instrumented at Myofascial Release and IASTM    (Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation).

The instruments developed by Kevin Kelly are unique and ergonomically designed for the function of treating and restoring a more normal myofascial integrity.  Results are normally instant, by altering theimage showing examples of myofascial Correction treatment density and elasticity of the fascia and altering the viscosity of the surrounding fluid which enables muscles to move and slide freely upon one another we cause a massive effect on the proprioceptors in the treated area, this impacts on the central nervous system causing an updated status of the area being treated and instant discernable changes in the injured area,  normally producing  less pain and stiffness in the injured joint and/or tissues.

Myofascial Correction can be used for most injuries and is very helpful in treating the unusual, chronic type injuries that have not responded to different treatments from other practitioners in the past.