Plymouth Sports injury clinic was opened in 2010 and is incorporated into Peverell Chiropractic Clinic.

Plymouth Sports injury clinic was opened in 2010 and is the sports injury division of Peverell Chiropractic Clinic.

Plymouth Chiropractor Kevin Kelly completed a degree in Sports Sciences before training as a chiropractor.  He developed Myofascial Correction®, a technique which uses myofascial instruments to treat sports and other soft tissue injuries.  He opened Plymouth Sports Injury Clinic in 2010 operating from his Peverell Chiropractic Clinic, the sports injury clinic serves people from Devon and Cornwall.  Sports injuries can be caused by a number of factors; overuse injuries where the a sports person over trains or returns to competitive sport too quickly after injury, direct impact to a body part ie. an arm or leg, or an application of force that is greater than the body can structurally withstand. If your sports injury is short or long term, if pain persists this means that you are not allowing it to heal or that it needs some form of therapy to speed up or initiate the healing process.

Plymouth Sports injury

  “Mr Kelly has worked miracles with some serious injuries that I endured after being knocked off my bike by a car. It was critical that I recovered from this as quickly as possible due to my commitments racing for Starley Primal Pro Cycling Team in 2014.  Mr Kelly got me back on my bike after just a few visits and with his continued support and extensive knowledge on various unique techniques I should be able to continue with my racing commitments.

I have seen some of the best medical experts in the past whilst racing professionally and Mr Kelly has exceeded my expectations with his professionalism and treatment techniques. I highly recommend him!”

An Acute injury occurs as a direct result of a sudden action, such as a sprained ankle or twisted knee.  In contrast, a longer standing injury normally caused by the repetitive overuse of the same muscle(s), ligament(s) or joints, is more commonly called a Chronic injury.

As with any type of injury it is important to firstly diagnose the problem correctly so that the correct treatment program can be started, if your injury is of a more serious or complicated nature you may be referred for a scan or further tests which can aid in diagnosing problems that may not be found with our conventional physical examination.

It is generally accepted that the first 48 hours are crucial in more serious sports injuries, if the correct treatment and advice is given within this time the speed of recovery is greatly increased.  Mr Kelly believes in a multi-factorial approach to treatment, only giving exercises, or heat and ice, or massage etc to an area will help, but will not provide the more substantial and effective recovery a multi-factorial approach to treatment using a number of therapeutically tried and tested techniques that have been developed with many years of experience and practice.


Kevin Kelly Doctor of Chiropractic, (BSc (Hons) DC) graduated with a Sports Science degree in 1980 and a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1986.  He has worked for both the National Health Service and also in private practice and has also worked as the Plymouth Albion RFC Chiropractor.

image showing a knee examination

Treatment of the fascia is very important.

He was the first person in the UK to graduate with both a Sports Science degree and a Doctor of Chiropractic and has a unique insight into treatment of sports injuries.  Over his career he successfully treated thousands of patients and having been a keen sportsman himself feels that the ability to empathise with the patient and understanding the mechanisms of injury is paramount for an effective treatment.  His particular area of interest is the treatment of the fascia, He designs and uses Soft tissue instruments for IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation), and also uses Myofascial release and Kinesio-taping.  He has developed the Myofascial Correction© technique.

Mr Kelly’s philosophy is to treat patients in the same way he would like to be treated himself, and it is this approach that’s enabled him in part to have the popular clinic he has today, as well as the vast experience he has gained from treating the general public, as well as International, Olympic and Professional athletes.

Dr Elena Long Ph.D studied Applied Mathematics spending her early years lecturing in Computer Sciences.  A keen sportswoman, swimming, rowing and her main pastime of playing Volleyball at regional level, captaining her city for over a decade.   Elena is keenly interested in sporting performance and her particular interest is using her Sports Massage and Kinesio-taping and Sports Massage to complement training and aid sporting performance through the season.

Injuries Treated

Here are some of the common sports injuries we treat : shoulder injuries, mid and upper back/rib  strains, ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, groin strains, Mechanical low back pain,  calf and hamstring strains and other pulled muscles, Runner’s knee, knee joint injuries,  Shin splints and Tennis/Golfers elbow.

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