The chiropractic low back exercises we provide have been designed to be simple to do but very effective  in helping you to both restore and maintain the suppleness in your lower back.  Ideally please do these exercises every morning.

The exercises that are shown below are reduced in size.  If you wish to download or print a full size copy  CLICK HERE

image showing Peverell Chiropractic's lower back pain mobility exercises

Exercises for the low back.

Our Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic provides a full selection of rehabilitation exercises for our patients who have both spinal and sporting injuries.  Plymouth chiropractor Kevin Kelly has a lot of experience in providing exercises for the rehabilitation of spinal and sports injuries.

Kevin says ” The most important part of treatment is without doubt a hands on approach, by using spinal adjustments, myofascial release and other types of soft tissue therapies the normal spinal function, joint movement and tissues integrity is improved, however if you wish to provide a better service and get superior results the provision of mobility and strengthening exercises should  also an integral part of treatment .  A multi-factorial approach to treatment is by far the most effective way to help patients, and always will always be the basis of our Chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation service.


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